4 Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

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4 Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten has been the target of a significant amount of discussion over the past number of years. Often portrayed as a villain it’s important to understand what it is and why it’s worth consideration before making decisions to be entirely gluten free in your diet.

Gluten is a strand of protein found in wheat, barley and rye, three foods that are typically found in a variety of delicious foods (baked goods, beers, thick sauces, pizza, etc.). Let’s be honest here – cutting out those foods doesn’t sound like much fun. But there are plenty of benefits to cutting gluten out of our diets.

  1. Cleaner Diet
    Our modern diets have led many of us to experience unpleasant issues when consuming too much gluten. These issues can easily lead to other concerns depending on an individuals’ level of sensitivity. If this is you, consider a gluten-free diet of one or two weeks.
  2. Fresher Thinking
    Gluten-rich foods (bread, beer) carry a lot of carbohydrates which are high in processed flours and cause us to feel hungrier and actually eat more. Consider replacing these foods with healthier forms of carbs, such as beans, fruits and veggies.
  3. Less Sugar
    Carbohydrate-heavy foods can be the source of those extra pounds. Unchecked amounts of high sugar and processed flours, such as cookies, ice cream, hamburger buns and pasta, will easily contribute to excessive weight. Cutting these out of your diet gradually will help support you on a weight loss journey.
  4. Lots of Yummy
    Going gluten-free 30 years ago would have been a lot harder than it is today. The gluten craze has encouraged restaurants and coffee shops to introduce gluten-free options, making it easier to maintain a gluten-free diet. Here is a list of tips of what to look for to make your gluten-free adventure a tasty one:
  • Discover the power of nuts and beans. Both are packed with protein, keep you feeling full, and can be mixed in to meals for added flavor.
  • Shop around the edge of the grocery store. Most of the gluten-free or fresh foods are found on the exterior perimeter.
  • Learn to cook with fresh food. Fruits, veggies, seafood, dairy – they all tasted better when fresh.
  • Target the high fiber foods. Quinoa, chickpeas, beans – all of these serve as healthy alternatives to gluten-heavy wheat products.
  • Find some non-wheat flour. This will make it easy to keep baking those delicious treats.
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